Our frames can be as bespoke as you’d like to make them, and we’re able to make detailed alterations to any frame style.

This page will update recently with different variations of our frame types.  The only limit is your imagination.

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3″ Florentine

The Florentine is based on picture frames designed in the second quarter of the 17th Century. This frame is also known as the architrave frame. Often decoration was used in the flat panel section of this picture frame.

This variant is our 3″ Florentine picture frame with the LB liner, hand crafted in our in-house workshop. Our frames are made bespoke to customer’s specific sizes and finished in any colour.

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Our new urban set includes both traditional and contemporary Picture frame samples in bright, distinctive and funky colours.

All of our Picture frames can be made in any size and any colour (not just the ones shown!)

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Bespoke Frame (Client’s specification)

This special picture frame we made exactly to our clients’ specification. To achieve this style of frame we used some of our unique authentic 18th century box moulds.

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The Colossus

This formidable 12″ picture frame, titled ‘The Colossus’ is a sight to behold.

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4″ Florentine with Stencilling

4″ Florentine Special with stencilling, made directly to the client’s specifications.

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Paint Splatter Frame

This Paint splatter frame is a bold statement that frames are art too!

We said any colour and we meant it!

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Bespoke Mirror Frame

Yet another beautiful bespoke mirror frame. Made specifically to compliment the clients existing interior.

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Bespoke Ribbed Frame

This bespoke Ribbed picture frame was custom made to meet the clients unique specifications.

Not only do Frinton Frames provide great quality products at very competitive prices, they provide the most outstanding customer service and always put their clients first. They have always helped us in the Film Industry, even against the most demanding of schedules.”

Rachel Cutler – Set Decorator