2 widths available
1 ⅞”, 3″

The Florentine is based on picture frames designed in the second quarter of the 17th Century.

This frame is also known as the architrave frame. Often decoration was used in the flat panel section of this picture frame.

A.  LA.  AW.  1 ⅞” Florentine Victorian.  (Optional LB Liner LIGHT CREAM)

B.  MA.  AW.  3″ Florentine Flute

C.  BBR LGW.  3″ Florentine Victorian

D.  SATIN BLACK.  1 ⅞” Florentine Flute.  (Optional LX Liner MA. FB)


E. CR168. 3″

F. CR26. 1 ⅞”

G. CR169. 3″ Florentine Flute

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Rachel Cutler – Set Decorator

2.25 inch 5.9cm (w) x 4.2cm (h)

1 ⅞” 5.1cm (w) x 2.9cm (h)

2.25 inch 5.9cm (w) x 4.2cm (h)

3″ 6.7cm (w) x 3.4cm (h)

*Profiles not to scale