2 widths available
3″, 4″

Based on the period of Louis Xiii and Louis XiV.

Often has fanned lambrequins and flower corners.

A. DA. 3″ (SP Louis). (Optional LX Liner) 

B. MA. BW. 4″ 

C. CR231 3″ (2)

D. CR296. 3″ (2)

E. CR46. 3″ (2)

F. CR224. 3″ (2)

We have dealt closely with Frinton Frames for over fifteen years and value them as a trusted supplier. The product range has been and continues to be at the top end of our offer to customers. To our discerning clients the step up in quality is obvious.”

Daniel Bailey (framer) – Bailey Arts

2.25 inch 5.9cm (w) x 4.2cm (h)

3″ SP Louis 7.4cm (w) x 3.7cm (h)

2.25 inch 5.9cm (w) x 4.2cm (h)

3″ Louis (2)  7.5cm (w) x 5.7cm (h)

2.25 inch 5.9cm (w) x 4.2cm (h)

4″ 9.5cm (w) x 8cm (h)

*Profiles not to scale