3 widths available
2 ¼”, 2 ¾”, 3 ½”

Neo Classical in design.

No running decoration is used with this frame but corner decoration is occasional used.

E.  MA.  FB.  2 ¼”

D.  GL016.  2 ¾”.  CR225.
(Optional LX Liner CR225)
(Original by Marek Maruszewski)


B. CR292

A. CR 292.  3 ½”

B. CR295.

B.  CR295. 2 ¾”

C. CR46

C.  CR46. 2 ¼”

I have used Frinton Frames since 1994. The frames are excellent and the service is very good. They’re always happy to help whether for exhibition framing or more bespoke work. I would not hesitate to recommend them.”

Paul Brown (artist) – Sanguine Fine Art

2.25 inch 5.9cm (w) x 4.2cm (h)

2 ¼” 5.9cm (w) x 4.2cm (h)

2.25 inch 5.9cm (w) x 4.2cm (h)

2 ¾” 7.3cm (h) x 5.3cm (w)

2.25 inch 5.9cm (w) x 4.2cm (h)

3 ½” 9cm (w) x 6.4cm (h)

*Profiles not to scale