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Frequently Asked Questions2018-08-28T16:58:42+00:00

Below you’ll find a selection of our most frequently asked questions concerning our bespoke picture frames.

Should you have any additional questions that you don’t see answered here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

What is your lead time?2018-03-08T19:08:47+00:00

Everything we do is made to order so that you can have exactly the frame style, colour and size that you want.  This takes time, and we average a 3-4 week lead time due to the vital drying period needed between each process.  The average frame finish incorporates six different colour processes which all require the correct curing time in order to assure the quality of the end result.

What’s the largest picture frame you can make?2018-03-08T19:08:20+00:00

We can make frames to any size, no matter how large or small. We specialise in over-sized frames; we are only restricted by the double doors in our dispatch room!

What finishes are available?2018-03-08T19:07:45+00:00

We can finish our frames to any gilt, colour or leaf. You can choose from our range or even specify a paint brand and tone of emulsion or we can supply in gesso only.

Will my frame be exactly like the sample chevron or photo in your brochure / website?2018-03-08T19:07:18+00:00

As each frame is handcrafted, there will always be a slight variation in finish.  The individuality of each frame is a unique selling point as no two frames are ever identical.  So samples and images should be used as a guide only.  All our staff are trained to a very high standard and therefore the finishes are leeway consistent. It is also worth bearing in mind that the same finish can look different on two different frames designs.

Do you have a minimum order?2018-03-08T19:06:48+00:00

No, we are equally happy to make one-off frames and volume orders.

How will you deliver my frame?2018-03-08T19:06:06+00:00

We use a national overnight carrier for our deliveries. Oversized frames and volume orders will be delivered by our own courier. We are also happy to deliver direct to your client on your behalf.

Do you supply overseas?2018-03-08T19:05:32+00:00

We are happy to supply to overseas customers.

Do you supply retail customers?2018-03-08T19:05:01+00:00

No, we are trade based only. Any retail enquiries are forwarded to the nearest local Frinton Frames retailer.

Can I make an appointment to visit your showrooms?2018-03-08T19:04:24+00:00

Yes, just telephone us or drop us an email –

Do you have a brochure?2018-03-08T19:03:46+00:00

Yes, we have a full colour brochure which we can either send you in the post or you can view here.

Do you offer any discounts?2018-03-08T19:03:10+00:00

Yes, we offer discounts on volume orders.  Please contact us for more details.

Do you supply samples of your frames?2018-03-08T19:02:29+00:00

Yes, we have a chevron offer pack which incorporates our best-selling designs and finishes in 22 corner samples. The pack costs £40 plus carriage and VAT.   Alternatively we can make individual chevrons and depending on the design, they cost from £6 per corner.  6″, colour only samples are available F.O.C, but these are strictly limited to three per client.

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