United Arab Emirates has recently emerged as one of the newest art scenes in the world and has become the centre of the art movement in the Middle East.

Whilst there has always been art and culture in the middle east, it has become more well known recently and is playing a big part within the art movement in the Middle East.  Beginning this movement was when The Louvre – Abu Dhabi opened its doors to the public.   Uniquely positioned between East and West the country has become a junction for the arts.

Many museums and galleries have since opened their doors to the public and one of the most newest and must see galleries is the Etihad Modern Art Gallery.

History Of The Etihad Modern Art Gallery

Etihad Modern Art Gallery is based in the centre of the United Arab Emirates capital city Abu Dhabi, and is open to the general public everyday.  Showcasing many wonderful pieces of modern art from the Middle East as well as other European countries and displaying many modern and beautiful frames, this is a must visit.

When the Eitahad Modern Art Gallery was in production stages the owner envisioned a place for people to come that was a friendly and versatile art space that would promote the growing appreciation for the Emirati Art Scene.

The Etihad Modern Art Gallery opened in 2013 and has since been motivating local artists to showcase their work as well as hosting various workshops, poetry and music nights and events.

Image supplied from AmCham Abu Dhabi

Whats Next For The Etihad Modern Art Gallery

The Etihad Modern Art Gallery has a goal to continue to promote and progress the art scene in Abu Dhabi, and to showcase Emirati art and culture on a global level.

The Etihad Modern Art Gallery will continue to have seasonal exhibitions , and they have recently extended connections with prestigious galleries within Europe enabling the gallery to showcase VIP art collections monthly for the public.

The Etihad Modern Art Gallery is a must visit to anyone who is visiting Abu Dhabi.